Earth Tapestry Church


Earth Tapestry Church

Posted by Brais Adeline on Thursday, 6 May, 2021 18:17:51

The Legacy Fund helps Tapestry Church go above and beyond and to be a church well quipped to serve from our doorsteps to the ends of the earth for generations to come. Click here to learn more.

Tapestry Church is committed to the flourishing of Oakland not only spiritually, but also We know it can be intimidating to come to a church for the first time. If you can't find everything you need to know

TAPESTRY It hangs from heaven to earth. There are trees in it, cities, rivers, small pigs and moons. In one corner the snow falling over a charging cavalry, in another women are planting rice.

St. Jude Liturgical Arts Studio prides itself in working with all materials and none better, than over the centuries, of telling the story and the history of church art, through fabric and tapestry.

Welcome! Get Involved. About the Church. The Church Of The Earth of NC obtained legal recognition on both state and federal levels in 2000.

Earth Tapestry, a global project to identify and commemorate important locations that convey the richness of our humanity and our planet.