How To Paint My Cabinets Without Sanding

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How To Paint My Cabinets Without Sanding

Posted by Brye Ange on Saturday, 8 May, 2021 17:12:32

If you are planning to paint your cabinets, you can choose any high-quality semi-gloss paint. You want semi-gloss or gloss to make sure that you can easily clean and wipe down the cabinets as they get dirty with the normal kitchen grime and grease. You will also need the secret weapon for painting without sanding: Zinsser's BIN Primer. This

To prevent sanding, use of a deglosser to paint your cabinets prior is important. A deglosser helps remove all the varnish from your cabinets and ensures the paint sticks.

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Wipe down cabinets around the stove with a TSP based cleaner to remove grease. Apply a liquid deglosser to remove the varnish. Prime and paint. Tasha from did a fantastic job of painting her kitchen cabinets without sanding. Check out her results below and read about the full project details here.

Painting kitchen cabinets without sanding is a fun DIY! Learn how to do it and other kitchen cabinet paining tips in this article.

Oil Bond is specifically designed to help latex paint stick to glossy surfaces (think your standard wood kitchen cabinets - it won't work well with laminate). Oil Bond takes the place of stinky cleaning surfactants, deglossing agents as well as primer, allowing your regular latex paint to properly adhere to glossy surfaces.