How To Paint Your Cabinets Black

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How To Paint Your Cabinets Black

Posted by Braband Adelina on Sunday, 2 May, 2021 18:37:48

Consider painting your cabinets with oil-based paint. You can get the black-onyx look with both water- and oil-based paint in a high-gloss finish, but oil-based paint dries harder and smoother.

If you love the look of black cabinets, but are afraid that a whole kitchen full of them might be a bit too drab, painting just the island (or one bank of cabinets) is a great way to go. These homeowners chose a deep black, which is balanced out nicely by the soft gray of the other cabinets.

Apply First Coat Using a 1" or a 1½" angled brush, first apply paint to the recessed or detailed areas of the cabinet door. Avoid getting brush marks on the flatter and smoother areas. Next, immediately paint the remaining flat areas of the door using a mini roller.

White kitchen cabinets have been trending for several years now, and don't seem to be going anywhere any time soon. It does seem like there has been a slight shift toward other colors such as gray and navy, but white still remains to be the most popular choice.. If you have been wanting to paint your dark kitchen cabinets white but still can't seem to commit, you are not alone.

When it comes to painting your island or lower cabinets gray, there is a LOT of room to move, but there are a few limitations…. If you have warm-toned countertops, there aren't many gray paint colours that are going to look good. If you have beige tiled flooring, again, there are few grays that will work.

Because primer is a lot cheaper than paint (a gallon is about $20-25 for primer) vs. the $42-45 for a gallon of cabinet paint, I always do two coats of primer + two coats of paint. 4.) Paint light, even layers making sure to spread out with your paintbrush any drops or puddles.