Making Glass Cabinet Doors With Mullions

TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company Introduces Mullion Doors

Making Glass Cabinet Doors With Mullions

Posted by Brus Amy on Saturday, 8 May, 2021 18:23:33

Worse comes to worse, we'll live with giant mirrored doors until we can afford to get the mullions years from now. I decided on mirrored doors to save $1000 with the frame only option. The mirror is free since I'm cannibalizing our closet doors. That saved another $1200 in mirror charges from a glass shop.

Browse Schrock's full line of specialty cabinet doors, including glass and mullion doors. Sort by art or textured glass, aluminum frame or mullion doors.

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Jun 2, 2020 - MULLION OVERLAY FOR GLASS DOOR CABINETS ----- Use these mullions for your existing cabinet window or new kitchen , and make a luxury look for your kitchen .All of cabinet glass door will be so pretty with a mullion overlay. *Please note

Used in cabinet doors built for a glass insert Standard specifications are 1" frame with ½" mullions (grids) Outside corners of frame will be radiused (curved) to aid in installation on glass panel styles Customer provides exact dimensions of mullion grid requested

Hi everyone! I wanted to list this as another dining room update, but I know most people are wanting to know about the window grids, grilles, mullions - whatever you call them. This project is the result of a little OCD and a lot of "there still is something missing in the dining room." Lu