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Wondering what window style would suit your home? To ensure that your windows fit perfectly, you will need to do your research on the best window style for your home. There are many available which caters to the style and design of your home. Some of the most popular styles are: Double Hung Windows - A window that has two operable sashes which slide vertically. The traditional style and versatility of these windows make them the most common type of window in the United States. Double Hung windows are the preferred modern replacement windows as they are not difficult to open, close, or clean.

A Double Hung (Up & Down) Window is a vertical operational window that can tilt inward for cleaning the exterior glass from the inside of the home. A Double Hung Window can have a full screen or half screen and has the ability to ventilate from either the top or the bottom of the window. Single Hung Windows - A window in which one sash slides vertically and the other sash is fixed. Double Vent Sliding Windows - A window in which both sashes move. Horizontal Sliding Windows - A window in which the sash moves horizontally.

2-Part Slider Windows (Side to Side) Similar to double hung windows, Sliders move horizontally, instead of vertically, ventilating from both the left and right side. Sliders have either two or three panes. Typically in a 3 Part Slider the middle frame is fixed, while the 2 outside frames slide inward. A Slider Window is available with either a Full or a Half Screen. A 2-Part Slider Window has 2 glass panes of equal size.
Garden Windows - These unique windows can include shelves and opening vents.
Now you can have fresh flowers or herbs in your home throughout the year, right in the room where they'll bring you the most pleasure. A Garden window consists of 4 or 5 panes of glass fusion welded into a three dimensional space allowing for shelves and ledge space. The left and right sides crank out to 90ยบ angles much like a casement window.

Half-round or Radius windows - These windows have curved tops and custom designs.
Picture Windows - A non-opening/operating window.

Picture windows are always non-operable. They can be placed in the center of two operable panels such as double hungs, up and downs and casements. Picture windows are the most energy efficient windows made because there are no moving parts, however, they are not recommended for bedrooms unless you have other operable units. Picture windows are a highly cost efficient way to fill a room with light and open it up to a view.

Awning Windows - A top-hinged window that swings outward with the use of a crank for ventilation.
Casement Windows - A window with a side-hinged sash that opens outward for ventilation.
Choosing the right window for your home is important. Vinyl awning and casement windows come with a variety of features to help you enjoy your house and views alike. Vinyl awning and casement windows add elegance and beauty to your home, while also lowering air leakage and providing ventilation. The vinyl awning and casement windows are constructed with a crank/handle system, allowing for maximum ventilation and air flow while opening from the bottom (awnings only) to keep the rain and other elements out.

Vinyl awning and casement windows provide the strongest seal, closing and securing more tightly, because the glass unit extends beyond the window frame. This helps lower your energy bills, as well as keeping air leakage to a minimum without losing any ventilation qualities. Vinyl awning and casements alike are a great choice for rooms that could use some extra light, ventilation and circulation of air. Not to mention, the views through a vinyl awning or casement window are incomparable because they lack other window features that can obstruct vision.

Bay Windows - An angled combination of three windows that project out from the wall of the home.
Bow Windows - A combination of windows in 3-, 4- or 5-lite configurations within a radius . The windows have an arced appearance. Replacement bay and bow windows serve many practical purposes as well as add unique beauty and style to your home. Replacement bay and bow windows are great for smaller homes where space matters. These types of windows open up the room and shine light from all three windows as well as provide ample space for leisure.

Higher insulation and energy efficiency is also a plus with replacement bay and bow windows. Because bay and bow windows are comprised of three different windows, you, as the homeowner, are provided with nearly endless design options. Bay and bow windows can be installed with double hung (up and down) windows, casement windows (usually the middle window) as well as picture windows.
The construction of a replacement bay window consists of either three individual windows or a single window unit welded together to form a three dimensional space extending from the home. Bay windows have a wooden ledge that can be stained or painted. A traditional Bay Window is constructed of a large center Picture Window with Double Hung Windows on either side. However, other window styles can be used as well. For example, Casement Windows or Picture Windows."

The construction of a replacement bow window consists of 4 or 5 windows joined together to form a curved three dimensional space extending from the home with a wooden ledge that can be stained or painted. Traditionally a replacement bow window consists of Casement Windows, however, Double Hung Windows and Picture Windows may be used as well.

In addition to styles of windows offered, there are also several kinds of materials in which are made out of. The most popular window types are , and . Each has their own advantages and disadvantages hence it is a good idea to look into each of these types to determine which best suits your home.

Always make sure the you look at has the Energy Star sticker as will help save you money. In addition, these windows will qualify as which will give you a return of a sum of money which is good news
Once you are certain of the type of window which will suit your home the best, choose a credible to help you be on the way to perfecting your home by offering phenomenal for you and your home!

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