Replacement Window Installation

Written by Stacy Winsel

Thursday, 01 October 2009

With home cooling and heating bills rising, especially in the Northeast United States, many property owners are diverting money from their home improvement budgets away from kitchen remodeling and into . After all, energy experts suggest that most homeowners who invest in modern replacement windows can save between ten and twenty-five percent on their monthly utility bills.

However, recent studies by Consumer Reports and other publications show that you don't always have to pay top dollar for replacement windows. Since replacement windows' energy savings are usually amortized over the course of fifteen to twenty years, every dollar you save now speeds up your return on investment, especially if you intend to spend the next few decades in your current home.

Although typical replacement window projects can cost between $7,000 and $20,000, Consumer Reports discovered that many home improvement budgets in the middle of that price range experienced the same energy benefits--or greater--than projects costing two or three times as much. In fact, researchers found that the right home improvement professionals make the biggest difference in the energy dollars saved over time.

Cheaper Replacement Windows + Better Installation = Bigger Value

For example, an expensive set of replacement windows installed by less qualified work crews can be less energy efficient than replacement windows installed by factory-certified professionals. While big box superstores might offer convenient scheduling or financing, their work crews and subcontractors may not always be aware of specific installation procedures for every model of replacement window carried in their stores.

Therefore, experts recommend working closely with factory-direct home improvement professionals, or with independent installers who have recently passed certification exams. Deep familiarity with the installation techniques and requirements for specific replacement windows translates directly to lower installation costs in the short term and greater return on investment in the long run.
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