What to do in a bad economy? Buy new windows!

The first thought that probably comes to your mind when someone tells you to replace your windows is, “Oh man, that’s going to cost too much…the economy is horrible…I can’t afford it.” Well the reality of the matter is that you will be spending MORE if you do not get replacement windows and opt to stick with the old, single pane, beat up windows that you currently have. The main reason is energy efficiency. With energy costs on the rise, energy star rated windows are a sure fire way to reduce your households energy compensation, thus reducing your energy bills for years to come. Saving money is the ultimate goal, right? Take a look at some of the numbers we have computed for you below to get an idea of how much you can save with energy efficient replacement windows.

The national average for heating and cooling costs are as follows (including apartment/condominium units):

Electricity - $120.00 approx.
Gas - $75 approx.

Total Approximate Heating and Cooling Cost: $195.00
Total Approximate Cost over 5 Years: $14,655.90
Estimated Energy Reduction with Energy Star Windows: 25%

Total Savings: $3663.97

Now, saving 25% with your energy efficient replacement windows is on the low end. Since your replacement windows have a shelf life for at least 25 years, you will undoubtedly put more money in your pocket with new windows.

In addition to the energy savings, you will also be adding to the aesthetic appeal to your house and also help keep the worth of your home up in this weak real estate market. With real estate values plummeting every single day, making home improvements is a solid way to ensure your home retains its value. With brand new, custom made windows, you will not only be saving energy, helping keep cash in your wallet and improving the overall quality of your property, but you will be helping the environment too. So, if you haven’t already replaced your windows, visit this link for a qualified Virginia Replacement Window contractor and stop wasting time, energy and money!

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